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Kay, Credit Union Manager

After becoming unemployed in 2020, I needed help with job search in this new pandemic. Jennifer was recommended to me by an individual who knew her professionally. Jennifer described a flexible plan that outlined what our sessions would entail. She worked to understood my background/interests and suggested other fields or roles that might be a good fit. All sessions were encouraging and tactical with actions that helped me reach my goals. I was able to secure a position in an organization that I admire and am happily returning to work! I would strongly recommend working with Jennifer to assist you in your career journey no matter what stage of life you are in. If you follow her map, you have a strong chance of succeeding in your search.

Adrienne, Digital brand agency owner

I connected with Jennifer on LinkedIn after looking to transition away from a toxic work environment. As a single mom of three children, leaving amid a pandemic was a huge risk. Working with Jennifer in leveraging my strengths with my 20+ years experience, she gave me the courage to leave. In applying for senior level positions, half way through hiring freezes, she asked the big question "What would it look like to implement your 10 year plan now?" With her coaching, I took the leap of faith and pivoted into launching my third business, a digital branding agency. She helped me shorten my timeline and focus on my passion in mentoring women-owned small businesses gaining a steady stream of clientele with this new angle.

Chris, Cybersecurity Engineer

Jennifer Doyle Vancil, M.Ed. was a tremendously valuable resource in guiding me to employ effective communication skills in order to stand out from the crowd! Jennifer mentored me in creating an effective digital presence, as well as how to use that presence to connect with others. Jennifer’s meticulous style helped me tune my resume in sending the right message to prospective employers, both on paper and in interviews. Thanks Jennifer!

Katy, Executive Coach

Jennifer assisted me in refining my personal brand messaging as I started a solopreneurial endeavor. She challenged me to identify my unique positioning, shared innovative ideas about how to communicate with potential customers and proposed a plan to get my message across on LinkedIn. With Jennifer’s help, I was findable on LinkedIn and found the perfect opportunity that leveraged my strengths and experience. It is so helpful to have a partner like her and I would highly recommend her!

Viviane, Leadership Coach

If you're looking for a career coach who is able to actively listen, ask questions, and help you get clear about goals, contact Jennifer Vancil. After meeting Jennifer the single thing that stands out to me is how lucky I am to have worked with her as a coach. Every conversation gave greater insight and clarity about goals. She inspired me to take immediate action on aspects of my life and business. Through career coaching with Jennifer, I began to see how well my different roles align and add value. I'm on my way to more confidently presenting my brand that synthesizes my experience, knowledge and skills in a compelling way. No matter our education, experience, or qualifications, we all get stuck. If you're lucky (like me), you'll work with Jennifer as a career coach.

Joe, Marketing Professor

I have worked with Jennifer over ten years. I have the utmost respect for her work with my students. In fact, I have so much respect, I hired her to work with two of my kids – both in their twenties. Jennifer wasn't just about job search techniques. First, she helped them identify their strengths and helped them discover what got them excited. Then she worked with them on developing practical approaches and stories they could use in job interviews. Both of my kids have great jobs that they love. I think their work with Jennifer built their confidence and got them what they wanted.

Jamie, Engagement Consultant

Jennifer is a multi-talented Gallup Strengths Coach who has made an infinitely positive impact on my life as an entrepreneur. Her networking genius has skyrocketed countless careers, and industry knowledge has equipped many with resources needed to become their best self. Jennifer's unique ability see strengths in others and intentionally inspire people to reach higher levels of success makes her highly sought after. I would highly recommend Jennifer as a coach, trainer, speaker, or consultant for any organization looking to invest in, engage, and maximize its most valuable resource - its people.

Susan, Nonprofit CFO

I was stuck after 25 years in the same career lane. I wanted a change, but I didn’t know how to transition from dreaming to doing. Jennifer helped me assess my strengths, gave me the tools to make some tough decisions, and coached me through the process from fine-tuning my resume to having knockout interviews. She gave me the confidence to move to my dream location and land a new role. Jennifer invests in the relationship and provides encouragement to take the next steps. I highly recommend Jennifer for anyone looking for career perspective and guidance.

Tobias, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Jennifer's personal touch and focus on personal development through the job search process was client focused and led me to learn how to advance my own career. We worked together to better understand my career and ambitions and my strengths in my field. She helped me stand out as a professional and helped me utilize LinkedIn to leverage my strengths. She had great tips and recommendations that I have put into action since I first started working with her. If you want someone who wants to see you grow as a person and professional, Jennifer is it!

SUE, Director of Organizational Development

Jennifer is an incredible career coach and mentor. She connects with clients on a deep level, providing support and guidance for their particular circumstances. Jennifer goes above and beyond coaching by connecting clients with her network and making strategic introductions. She uses a variety of assessments and tools that help identify opportunities, challenging mindsets and encouraging expansion of thinking. Jennifer holds people accountable for their commitments and their personal growth plans. I find Jennifer to be a caring, supporting, and hard working professional.

Tricia, Real Estate Broker

Jennifer was brilliant to work with; she is a great listener, thorough and very detail oriented. She is easy to talk to and extremely organized. I felt my results came quickly due to her acute systemized process. As our coaching sessions ended, I had a clear direction in my new career path and felt incredibly accomplished.

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