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When am I at my best?

Taking the CliftonStrengths assessment can show you your Top 5 Strengths or show you All 34 personality strengths in order from top to bottom. You’ll instantly increase self-awareness and confidence reading your personalized results report and can gain insights on how to take action on living your strengths through one on one coaching. 


Need a compass to determine your direction? 

If you know you need a change but you’re not sure what to do, we can break career decisions into smaller pieces to determine how big a change you need to improve your situation and make life more meaningful. Understanding your strengths can help you transition to a role that better aligns with your natural talents. Learning more about the landscape of an industry and companies who are doing work you care about will help you align your work with your interests. Understanding your values serves as the compass that determines your destination. We’ll investigate three future selves and I’ll guide you to take steps to see which path is best for you. 


Need a map? Once you know where you’re going, we can create a roadmap to get there. What companies and organizations exist in this industry? What is happening in this job market? What strengths and skills do you already have for this career? What gaps do you need to fill? How can you build a bridge to reach your destination? Who do you need to connect with to get information or to position for an opportunity? How can you best communicate your value as you network? 


Pack your supplies...

Every journey has a packing list. And today’s job search requires a modernized resume, customized for your strengths and the requirements in the specific job you’re applying for. The strongest applications also have a strong cover letter that highlights past successes that you can include with your resume. And when you’re networking or your application is being considered, employers will look you up online. We’ll create a LinkedIn profile that showcases your strengths, skills, accomplishments, training, and education and teach you how to use it to connect and communicate professionally. 


What will I talk about? If you know and understand your strengths, you can talk about them effectively in interviews. I’ll help you understand how you’ve used your strengths in the past and help you remember situations where you got great results. We’ll develop stories you can tell in interviews and impactful questions you can ask that help the interviewers know you’ve done your research and can show what you’ll bring to the job. 

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