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...ever wonder what it would be like to work from your strengths?
...wish you understood why some things in your current job drain you?
...wish you could do what comes more easily to you? 
...know you need a change but aren't sure what kind of change to make?
...wish you could communicate your value better to those in a position to give you opportunities? 

Do you...



  1. Understand your strengths.

  2. Determine the roles you thrive in.

  3. Strategize how to communicate your strengths & value. 

  4. Create strengths-based personal marketing materials.

  5. Gain confidence telling your story for interviews, networking, & promotions.

  6. Create a plan of action to work more from your strengths.

With the group format, you get added practice & feedback on what you learn so that you have maximum confidence for the real deal.

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  • Six 90-minute group coaching sessions 

  • Book - Practical Strengths: Career Success 

  • CliftonStrengths Assessment 

  • Online interactive reflection worksheets

  • Bonus 1-on-1 coaching session with Jennifer

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Session 1

Understand the results of your CliftonStrengths 34 personal strengths report and reflect on how you are using your strengths in your work. 

Session 2

Determine the kinds of roles you'll thrive in and what changes would allow you to work more from your strengths, considering role, company, industry, location, work style, etc.


Use your unique strengths to help you explore options and look for your next opportunity in a way that fits your strengths.

Session 4

Communicate your strengths by creating clear statements and telling powerful stories that capture your value.

Session 5

Practice communicating your strengths in our supportive group environment and commit to your next steps in creating your strengths-based career. 

Session 6

Bring a draft of your strengths in writing for the group to help you leverage (executive bios, LinkedIn, resumes, cover letters, websites, etc.)

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As I am heading into a new transition from teaching middle school for over 25 years, and am looking for something that's maybe not so physically demanding and mentally strenuous, I can see my strengths being something I use to network, and talk to people about. I think the other thing is that I've had a couple of conversations, and when other personality/character tests come up, I'm starting to naturally say, "Oh have you ever done your Gallup Strengths assessment?" So I feel like it's a really good tool, not just for me to use personally or in networking, but for other people to feel like they could be empowered and inspired by the information they learn about their own strengths. - Joyanne

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When we spoke about our strengths, our body language changed, and we presented so much more confidently. Even when someone didn’t really know what they were going to say, the minute they started sharing, they just sat up straight and leaned into it. To me, that just adds so much more value to this program because when I am presenting, I am coming from a place of confidence. -Karen

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I just wanted to say, that these are really great exercises! Because you know, the only time that I really speak like that (about my strengths) would be in an interview.

Now that I have practiced with the group, I have my stories on deck for when the time comes down the road for a professional change.  - Victoria

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Humble by nature, I rarely speak about my accomplishments. However, taking this course has empowered me to name and claim my strengths authentically. It was worth my time and effort. Moreover, creating an awareness of what I do best, along with gaining an understanding of how my strengths can get in the way.

My personal brand is very important to me and this course has given me even more leverage in shaping my “Strengths Brand”. Furthermore, it has tapped into my curiosity even further by moving what I was curious about to taking action steps to moving towards my strengths based career.

This course supported my value for diversity. It was a phenomenal experience to engage and build community with a diverse group while exchanging our stories and speaking confidently about our strengths.

Jennifer is an excellent facilitator and created a safe space for all participants' voices to be heard. I would recommend taking the course. You would emerge on a path to transformation, as it allows for deep reflection and application of the course content. -Robena

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I had no idea how much there was to knowing my own strengths until I attended Jennifer's group coaching program! As a career development professional myself, I'd been comfortable knowing I like to learn and challenge myself. It never occurred to me my Top 5 strengths could become part of my own value proposition to clients. Thanks to a group-based format of the program I got a lot of value from being able to collaborate with and learn from others. Weekly Zoom sessions were both fun and informative and they were elevated by Jennifer's supportive and motivating style of facilitation. As a natural Communicator and Relator, she made sure to provide lots of verbal and written feedback and stayed continuously in touch. Lastly, weekly session wrap ups and reflective assignments helped to internalize the learnings and bring about useful insights. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who's looking to learn more about themselves and how to use their strengths for success in life and career! - Eva

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